How do i stop comfort eating?


That’s the million dollar question right?

Or should I say we all need to have the million dollar ANSWER

well, after years of helping hundreds of people I’ve come up with the two things that determine whether or not you comfort eat

TIME (or rather your perception of it)



That’s it!

We don’t eat right because ‘we don’t have time to cook/find something ‘healthy’ (that’s a feeling btw)

Or We ‘can’t be bothered’

‘Feel stressed’

‘feel low, and anxious’

‘are too tired’

etc etc..

So when we get a grasp on this it’s easier to admit our downfalls

”I comfort eat because I’m depressed / unhappy’’

Is one of the main things

But isn’t it strange how comfort eating makes us feel great momentarily but then

we feel completely awful for a long period after?

crazy that the thing thats destroying us is the thing we consistently choose to do

And that’s because we ALWAYS revert back to SECURITY

Where we feel COMFORTABLE

Because deep down maybe we’re INSECURE and the food maybe helps give us the illusion

that we are in control?

And thats ok, but we have to start REALISING it’s a problem

And when we can admit that, we can seek help

Unless of course you like complaining about how shit you feel,

keep avoiding the mirror and stuffing yourself with sandwiches

and cake then continue to blame it on just ‘not having enough time’

Then I can’t help you

But If you’re tired of your own excuses and understand it’s YOU who has the power to change things

NOT your circumstances or your situation

But YOU yourself