So, what do you eat? When? And how much?

You are looking to lose weight…Or you are looking to gain lean muscle mass or sculpt your body. Whatever your goal is, nutrition is definitely one of those areas we either think we know a lot about or we don’t have a clue!

The reason…….we are bombarded on a daily basis with inaccurate information that leads people who are desperate to make a change in to spending their money on empty promises. 

I have been working in the industry and studying to degree level and beyond for quite a number of years now. 

There is only one secret to effective nutrition for your goals…….commitment. It is about your lifestyle and habits. 

I see on a daily basis various ‘miracle diets’ being sold to consumers based on silly  concepts such as lowering calories to dismal levels, getting everything you need from a convenient drink or shake, eating a little bit of honey each day……and the list goes on!

Let me give you the news you probably don’t want to hear. There is no quick fix! And here is why…

Your body has what we call a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is a science based thing! But in simple terms, it is the calories your body burns to keep you alive every 24 hours. 

Your heart beats every day without you telling it to. Your stomach muscles move to digest food, you breathe, your brain processes vast amounts of information……the list goes on! Your body performs many amazing tasks each day to keep you alive.

These processes cost calories. We can calculate the BMR for each individual as it will vary slightly based on your size, weight, age and gender.  For the purposes of this e-mail however, most people burn between 1250 to 1800 calories every 24 hours based on size and so on. 

Now, to reiterate here! These calories burned every 24 hours are not to fuel your daily movements and activities! This is what would be burned just to keep you alive! I mean literally laying down for 24 hours and not moving! 

So, please tell me how consuming 500 calories every day is good for you for example? 

The weight you lose on very low calorie diets is not just body fat! You lose bone density, muscle density, organ mass and much more! In summary, you are starving your body and killing yourself. 

However, when you stand on those weighing scales they say you have lost dramatic amounts of weight. So surely this diet is working right? 

WRONG! In addition to doing yourself major harm internally, you are damaging your metabolism. After your diet has finished, your metabolic rate (metabolism) has now been slowed down and damaged too. Meaning that as soon as you eat normal again, the weight piles on!

Meaning only one thing to these so called diet experts selling you their product for commission… come back as a repeat customer!

None of these sales reps and distributors hold any formal qualifications and shouldn’t in fact be prescribing diet plans in the first place. These large companies have got around this by having these diet plans endorsed by a so called expert…..

This expert is not earning anything from endorsing a multi million pound product…..honest! 

So, I go back to my original point again. How do you lose weight and meet your targets? How do you eat better? When do you eat and how much? 

Firstly,  prepare yourself mentally to make some changes. You need some way of recording what you eat. Not permanently, just for a little while so you can identify your eating habits.

Once you’ve identified your habits that are obviously not so good, begin reducing them. Don’t go cold turkey on yourself and make yourself miserable!

Just start reducing ‘naughty’ occurrences one at a time. Give yourself a cheat day and live by maybe a ratio of 80-20%. 80% of the time you will eat much better, 20% of the time you can be a little naughty. This is more sustainable. 

Next, don’t starve yourself! Your metabolism is like you! It needs exercise! The way it gets exercise is through the digestion of food. If you limit this, it slows down. 

Get enough water! A handy little tip for you is multiply your body weight in KG by 0.033. This will tell you how much water YOU need each day. When you exercise, add a litre to this number! Water is essential for digestive processes and many other things. Without it, kiss goodbye to your metabolism. 

Aim to eat 5 times each day including snacks. This way your metabolism will have lots to work on. 

And finally, Calories and Fat are not your enemy! Good sources of fat are a good thing! Calories are your body’s fuel! Without it you shut down! You need calories! Just simply get an expert to calculate how many calories each day your body requires…….as an individual!

Once you have your calories calculated, you then need them broken down in to carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Get the right balance for you; as long as your food sources are good; expect to see that body fat disappear! Or that muscle grow!

Then the final secret is getting your lifestyle in balance. A lack of sleep, too much stress, over work and so on can throw your body out of balance. Meaning that your hormone levels can have a negative impact on your body shape.