So, what do you eat? When? And how much?

You are looking to lose weight…Or you are looking to gain lean muscle mass or sculpt your body. Whatever your goal is, nutrition is definitely one of those areas we either think we know a lot about or we don’t have a clue!

The reason…….we are bombarded on a daily basis with inaccurate information that leads people who are desperate to make a change in to spending their money on empty promises. 

I have been working in the industry and studying to degree level and beyond for quite a number of years now. 

There is only one secret to effective nutrition for your goals…….commitment. It is about your lifestyle and habits. 

I see on a daily basis various ‘miracle diets’ being sold to consumers based on silly  concepts such as lowering calories to dismal levels, getting everything you need from a convenient drink or shake, eating a little bit of honey each day……and the list goes on!

Let me give you the news you probably don’t want to hear. There is no quick fix! And here is why…

Your body has what we call a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is a science based thing! But in simple terms, it is the calories your body burns to keep you alive every 24 hours. 

Your heart beats every day without you telling it to. Your stomach muscles move to digest food, you breathe, your brain processes vast amounts of information……the list goes on! Your body performs many amazing tasks each day to keep you alive.

These processes cost calories. We can calculate the BMR for each individual as it will vary slightly based on your size, weight, age and gender.  For the purposes of this e-mail however, most people burn between 1250 to 1800 calories every 24 hours based on size and so on. 

Now, to reiterate here! These calories burned every 24 hours are not to f