Have you seen one of your friends posting on social media about their amazing experience with shake dieting? Or have you heard of anyone who knows someone who is doing it?

Regular posts on their page about how they have had their nutrient dense breakfast in a drink and now they are ready for the day…….are they? Is getting everything you need from a drink/shake or even a pill possible?

It sounds like a nice idea for some….and quite futuristic perhaps? But honestly, the answer is no. Your digestive system is far more complex. And not having ‘substance’ to metabolise is not a good thing.

Read on to find out why…..

So, do shake diets and VLCD diets work? VLCD means Very Low Calorie Diets……..Read on!

Real Food Burns Fat, NOT DUST!

Shake diets seem to be the next best thing in losing weight. If you are not aware of these diets they are basically replacing food with shakes and maybe eat some fruit/vegetables as well.

First of all your body will averagely burn 1300 – 2300 calories per day at rest and doing nothing! You actually burn a lot more just by performing daily duties!

So you will need to fuel (feed) your body with the right amount of calories otherwise what else will your body use as fuel throughout the day?

A quick question for you…..Would you put £5 in your car to travel 100 miles? And expect to get there?!!

Secondly you will see a change in your body and you will slim down, but as soon as you start eating like a human again you will see all that weight you lost put straight back on twice as quick as you lost it, so then what? And why? The reason being that your metabolism is like you, it needs exercise! And its exercise is metabolising food.

If you do not eat regularly, and solid food, your metabolism slows down and becomes damaged. This is actually quite serious.

You will go back to what you know “works” which will be the shakes and you will keep yo-yoing between them, which will lead to a viscous cycle where you will never reach your goals.

Why do you lose weight so quikly on these diets if they don’t work then? Surely they must work! The answer…..no! The ‘weight’ you lose is your bones become less dense and brittle due to malnutrition. That’s for starters! Your organs begin to shrivel and shut down, your body enters starvation mode and begins to metabolise it’s own muscle tissue and also your fat is also used.

Basically, you starve yourself and make yourself ill!

I have known people personally who have been doing a shake diet, their daily food routine went a bit like this:

Morning – One shake

Snack – 1 piece of fruit or 1 piece of raw Veg

Lunch – One shake

Snack – 1 piece of fruit or 1 piece of raw Veg

Dinner – 500-calorie meal

And this is how your daily food routine should be:

Morning – Moderate Fat & Protein Breakfast with slow releasing carbs

Snack – Fruit/Nuts/NATURAL Yogurt

Lunch – High Fat/Protein Lunch

Snack – Fruit/Nuts/Yogurt

Dinner – High Protein and Complex Carb Dinner

I know which one I would prefer to do, just remember this, your body needs fat to burn fat. Your body needs carbs to use proteins to build muscle and/or tone.

Losing body fat is not just about calories in versus calories out. It is especially not just starving yourself half to death! It is about a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Your hormone balance, calorie intake, sleep patterns, rest, exercise, stress levels and everything impacts on where your body distributes fat.

You need professional guidance and support. And the way to do that is to book a consultation with either myself or one of my colleagues. We are qualified and experienced in helping you. We know what we are doing! Sales people who sell these FAD diets have no formal qualifications and do not have a clue about the real science behind nutrition……they just want their commission!