This is an honest evaluation, no selling, no leading you to a new product…..just an honest evaluation based on a number of years of experience. May I also state that this article has no reflection on my own gym and educational academy. I opened my gym and educational academy in an attempt to buck the trend – we ALWAYS do it the proper way. And to be honest, that in itself is made very difficult… make a lot of money, we would need to fall in to line with everyone else…..and that’s worrying.

Read on to see my evaluation:

I’m Mike – owner of New Body Gym and an educational academy that offer qualifications like the Diploma in Personal Training.

I have worked in the industry for a number of years. I’ve been a gym instructor, personal trainer, massage specialist, advanced rehab specialist and now a gym owner and owner of an academy.

You name it, I’ve seen it. So, what’s my evaluation? I’ll tell you below what I’ve seen and some of the meetings I’ve had with people high up in large chain gyms, and you can make your own opinion……

So, here goes…..

*Many personal trainers struggle. They either pay high rental fees or have a large chunk of their income taken by the gym/studio within which they work. OR, they simply lack the necessary skills (outlined below) as a result of poor education to recruit clients and run a business. As a result, it’s either:

1. Get as many client