MOBILITY – How does proper, well guided mobility training help to ensure GUARANTEED RESULTS?

This is the first in a series of follow-up videos covering the topic of mobility and eventually, other hot topics.

Our videos are aimed to educate YOU, our audience on how to ensure you get excellent results from your training and new lifestyle.

Many new year fitness resolutions do not last – as we all know! One of the key reasons? A lack of support, guidance and education. Too many promises of quick, unrealistic results. This is NOT how we work!

So, the video in this post is 14 minutes and first serves to educate you on what mobility is, its purpose and why it is so important.

We demonstrate this practically in the video using the ever popular squat movement as an example of the importance of mobility.

We will create follow-up videos on individual mobility drills. Once we’ve taught you on this topic, we will cover the next…….and so on! Keep watching and reading our blogs and you’ll soon become very knowledgeable indeed!!

As the video is 14 minutes, I have included some VERY brief points below on what we explain:

*What is mobility training? In short, it is improving the range of motion at a group of joints through good muscular control. In essence, it is being able to move a lot better – with strength, coordination and a good range.

*What are the aims? As above, mobility training aims to give you better movement that is controlled far more efficiently. With better movement, comes great technique when training or performing daily activities! In a training context, better technique means FAR better muscular activation…….which means MUCH better results!

With better technique, you activate the correct muscles, at the correct times, with the correct force. If you’re looking to burn calories or gain strength, this is ESSENTIAL!!!
*What are the effects? As above, improved strength, tone and fat loss. Furthermore, a far improved life….why? Because you can perform daily duties with far less chance of injury or aches/pains much more easily!

*When and how to use mobility training? Warm-ups before a workout is the ideal time. You can also perform mobility drills on their own, either at home or anywhere! As we teach you in the video, when performing a large movement like a squat (which is in itself an advanced mobility exercise), small errors in the technique can be a result of one or more areas of your body not being mobile enough.

So, by identifying that area and performing mobility drills on it in isolation, your exercise technique will improve as a result of improving mobility in that one area.
If one small area of your body is lacking in mobility, it can throw off the rest of your body as a result.

You end up losing out on many benefits and could also increase your risk of injury whilst training/going about your daily activities.

See you soon!