What is so good about us?

You go to the gym and go through your routine. Ask yourself, who designed your programme? How often has it been updated to account for your body quickly adapting to the movements?

Have you found that you feel you have worked hard, attended the gym for quite a while and your results appear to have stopped coming?

So many people start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle only to stumble rather quickly to a lack of results, encouragement and motivation.

The fitness industry, like many others in this day and age is all about money and cutting costs.

Fitness instructors are improperly trained and underpaid and personal trainers are de-motivated due to the company’s they work for charging extortionate rental fees and taking much of their hard earned money.

As a consequence, you have probably found yourself going through the same routine you have done for a long while.

This routine was most likely created by you and you have most likely never even had your exercise technique properly monitored.

Furthermore, have you ever had your nutrition monitored and been given advice on how to improve on what you eat? And I mean without being sold some ‘miracle’ formula such as a shake  or ‘FAD’ diet!

Think of it like this, what would you think if we came in to your place of work and started guessing our way around your duties!

Many people do not realise this, but exercise really is a science. Slightly incorrect technique whilst executing any exercise really does mean the difference between being effective or completely wasting your time.

I have seen so many gym members use equipment in the wrong way. Performing repetitions too quickly, with incorrect posture and making no real effort…just going through the motions.

We assume without realising it that as soon as we use a piece of fitness equipment, simply sitting in it and using it will yield results.

Take the example of the treadmill user walking on the treadmill holding on to the side safety bars. How many times have you seen this? It is easier to walk on a treadmill than outdoors up the high street.

Furthermore, there is so much bad information out there that is packaged up as correct because it has a shiny looking brand and promises amazing results in so little time.

Believe us when we say, achieving results is more than simply using gym machines and going through the motions.

We have sophisticated heart and lungs and over 650 muscles in our body. Our bones and joints are surrounded by these muscles.

It takes a professionally designed, well thought out routine to effectively train these muscles and related organ systems.

All of us are unique with different needs. There is no one size fits all or miracle routine/diet.

We all have a different level of postural and core awareness for example. As a result, we all have unique muscular imbalances as a result of our daily activities; such as trying to get comfortable when sitting at a desk all day!

We don’t expect you to be an expert just as you wouldn’t expect us to be an expert in your professionalism.

In addition to being a highly professional organisation founded on the principle of every member having a dedicated trainer with support, guidance and structure, we are also an educational academy.

Meaning that all of our trainers are constantly educated through a rigorous continued professional development programme.


Here is your experience with us:

You decide to start your new routine due to a multitude of motivational factors.

Be it through choice or something you must do as part of a treatment plan, you begin your journey with us with a consultation. Don’t worry! There is no charge! We simply have a chat with you and find out what you want to achieve.

We get you booked in for some relevant health and fitness checks so we can record your starting point.

We then design you a routine and take initial checks to get you started. Your trainer then becomes your point of contact for assistance from that moment onward.

If you choose, you can even meet with your own trainer on a weekly or monthly basis. You can do this on a 1-2-1 basis or as part of a group – but thats a discussion to have separately with your trainer.

Remember, the whole aim is to ensure you are guided and supported throughout your training to make sure you achieve results.

Every time you train in our gym, you are guided by our professional trainers.

And all of this for ONLY £20 per month in the Rayleigh area!

If you want to make that change, come and visit us.

There is no price more important than your health. Is it not about time you prioritised?

Contact us today!