New Body Transformation Membership: The Body Fix in Six! Awesome Personal Training in Essex

Regardless of your experience and level of motivation, there is no training like the professionalism and RESULTS you achieve with our transformation coaches. It truly is the best personal training in Essex.

We opened our gym on the premise that professional guidance for all members should not be so costly. Exercise and nutrition is a science. Many people who attend a gym or participate in some form of exercise routine think they are doing a lot of good. But unfortunately they are merely stuck in a routine that doesn’t work. Or worse still, many people are doing exercises with incorrect self prescription that could be doing them more harm than good! And with improper technique that could cause injury!

Which is why we are pleased you are on this page after searching for personal training in Essex! Let us help you achieve RESULTS you never though possible.

What are we offering?

  • First three months – INTENSIVE SERVICE – the best personal training in Essex:
  • 3-5 full personal training sessions each week with your own trainer (1-2-1 or small group)
  • VIP Group Access
  • Full, detailed nutrition plans
  • Training pack with educational resources
  • Online resources
  • FREE Branded Training Top
  • FREE Branded Training Gloves


  • Unlimited gym access
  • Ongoing support from your transformation coach:
  • Monthly programme updates
  • Monthly nutrition checks
  • Monthly progress updates to ensure you are staying on track

What’s the cost?

Typically, a 12 week transformation can cost £1800+

This one starts from only £32 per month with our new FCA approved credit facility provided by our sister company – The Vocational Academy. Here are the options:

  1. £32 per month: 10% deposit, followed by 36 monthly repayments at 9.9% APR for our £1207 package
  2. £55 per month: 10% deposit, followed by 18 monthly repayments at 9.9% APR for our £1207 package  
  3. £110 per month: 10% deposit, followed by 9 monthly repayments at 9.9% APR for our £1207 package

Ready to start?