About Dom

Dom Bacon

Transformation Coach at New Body Gym
Hi everyone,

I’m Dom, I am a Specialised Personal Trainer / Exercise Referral Specialist.

I wanted a career where I could have a huge impact on peoples lives and what better way of doing this is with something I’m really passionate about, health and fitness. It’s not just about working up a sweat in the gym, but an all round healthy lifestyle.

I will educate you as I train you on nutrition, exercise, posture and your lifestyle.

Each session or program will be specifically designed to keep in line with your goals, and monitored accordingly. Sessions will be tough but fun. I’d never make someone do something they really don’t like. I will be there to keep you motivated, even outside of sessions, making sure that you stay on track.

My aim is to help individuals reach their maximum potential with their health and fitness. Help you transform your body and discover what it feels like to be energetic, healthy and confident in your own body. I believe through motivation, dedication and the proper guidance, every individual has the ability to achieve their goals and desired physique.

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