Sports Massage in Essex

We have highly qualified and experienced sports massage therapists who will not only treat you and help to alleviate any symptoms, they will educate you. Our treatments range from:

  • In-house, clinical environment sports massage treatments that serve as a comprehensive, maintenance and treatment massage to help alleviate a number of symptoms caused by, but not limited to; back pain, shoulder, knee and lower leg pain, stiffness of joints, tension headaches, general tension, stress and more.
  • Pre-event or post event massage therapies performed either at our centre or on-site at sporting events.

Our massage therapists are not merely qualified and experienced in massage therapy. As standard,  all our therapists are either fully qualified as advanced trainers, rehabilitation specialist or physiotherapists.

Meaning that you will receive a comprehensive treatment from professionals that are able to deal effectively with a number of conditions.

We will not sell you a so called ‘quick fix’. Or promises of amazing improvements to your sporting performance within just a few sessions.

Our sports massage in Essex encompasses a holistic, comprehensive service that addresses your issue/goals from a number of different angles. We view our service as using all the pieces of the puzzle to ensure a comprehensive treatment, not merely one piece of a complicated puzzle; that is rehabilitation/performance improvement.

For your free consultation with one of our professional therapists, click the link below, complete the booking form and one of the team will be in touch to confirm your booking. 


Do you need the highly specialist services of a top level, experienced physiotherapist?

Our specialist physiotherapist treats a number of conditions and approaches your treatment from a unique angle. Again, our physiotherapist will not only treat you, they will educate you.

It is our firm belief, that is evidenced very well both through research and the amazing result achieved by our patients, that education is key.

Our physiotherapist can treat a number of conditions such as, but not limited to:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Neurological such as stroke
  • Falls
  • Muscle Wastage
  • Arthritis and other related joint conditions
  • Knee, Shoulder pain
  • Acute rehabilitation after surgery, such as knee, shoulder, back and hip surgery
  • Much more…..

If you need the help of a professional that will treat you from a whole new angle, in addition to educating you to empower you to better cope with your issue/s, then click the link below, complete our form and they will contact you to confirm your booking.

Your first consultation is FREE! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.