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Transformation Coaching, REAL results guaranteed!
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Online personal training, REAL results guaranteed!
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Physio/Specialist PT

The best, most experienced professionals, using the most effective mthods
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Awesome new class & gym membership; REAL results guaranteed!
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Interested in joining our gym? Take a look at what we offer…

Our gym is gives high service and support at low cost gym prices. Open 7 days a week, 21 hours a day, come and join one of the best gyms in Rayleigh. Gym, classes, PT, Physio & more…

Bespoke programme designed and demonstrated on joining – FREE.

Why choose our Gyms in Rayleigh, Essex?

New Body Automated Gym is one of many awesome gyms in Rayleigh. What makes us different though?

We opened with two main aims; every member is given support and guidance throughout their training – high level service for low cost gym prices. We are open 7-days a week, 21 hours a day.

Too many fitness facilities promise results, take your money and leave you to guess your way through.

Just because somebody joins one of the gyms in Rayleigh it does not necessarily mean they will reach their goals. Proper training and a change in lifestyle is a science.

It is a biological, psychological, nutritional and exercise science…. Which is where we come in. We sell RESULTS. We offer a lot for very little. Have a look at some of what we offer below….

Anytime Access, Automated Rayleigh Gym in Essex

In short, we offer a low cost, anytime access for only £20 per month at our fully automated gym in Essex. 1-2-1 training, small group training & transformation classes.

With EVERY option we offer, every member receives support, guidance and structure to their training. 

This is why we call our memberships ‘Results Based Memberships’ – you will achieve your goals with us.

Our gym is in Rayleigh  Essex. Read more about us and our membership options for what we can offer you.

Out of all the gyms in Rayleigh and Essex, we are striving to be different.

Yes there are many gyms in Rayleigh and Essex that you can join and attend classes and have good access for such small prices.

However, our gym also offers the same for small prices. What makes us unique however is the size of our classes and the focus on individuality.

Typically, you’d attend a class with 20 or more people. Sometimes 40 or more! You’d also usually only be shown around the gym at induction. We offer MUCH more…

We do things very differently…

…As standard, you meet with a trainer to set goals. We then design you a programme to follow and take initial checks so you have a starting point.

We then also offer you classes to attend. BUT….these classes ONLY have a maximum of 8-12 people each time. Furthermore, you also get progress checks every week with our class and gym membership to track progress.

We offer classes such as HIIT, Yoga, Kettlebells, Spin, Combat Fit, Abs and Bums, Bootcamp and more. We also run a DJ night every other Thursday evening from 7pm, technique workshops for members, challenges and so much more.

Out of all the other gyms in Rayleigh, we are a community of REAL people training towards REAL RESULTS.

Our members always have great things to say about us. We are unique and offer you so much more at such low cost. We do also offer personal training memberships, click to find out more.