Trainer Profile - Max Brooks

Max Brooks

I dispel the myths you’ve been told repeatedly and replace them with healthy habits. This will allow you to like what you see in the mirror, feel good about yourself again, and still enjoy a social life!

If you’re unhappy with your body then I can change that for you and get you to actually enjoy exercise – as you’re far more likely to stick to a lifestyle you enjoy. Contact me now for a free, no obligation consultation where we will discuss your goals and the best way to achieve them, or to just ask me a fitness question!


I joined new body when it first opened, watching the gym progress into the gym it is now. During that time I met Max, a young, but very determined PT. Max worked with me to change my mentality on how to lift weights, incorporating specific techniques that not only worked for me, but worked around the injuries that I have had for many years. Max has made me realise what is achievable and it’s been a pleasure training with him over the last couple of years.

Dave, Client

I contacted Max over two years ago as i was unhappy with my body and wanted to change my physical appearance. Max showed a genuine interest in my goals and was committed to help me with my transformation.  Max has also listened to my feedback and trialed various exercises to see what would work best for me, whenever I trained with Max it really did feel like the workouts were designed for me.

Two years have gone by and Max has really helped me increase my confidence and i am now incredibly happy with how I look. He is able to pass his drive and determination onto his clients which made me want to work harder to achieve my goals.

I highly recommend Max as a personal trainer as putting it bluntly ‘He really knows his S**t’ and i have no doubts that he will continue spreading his knowledge and motivate others, just like he did for me.

Szymon, Client
  • Trainer Profile - Max Brooks
  • Trainer Profile - Max Brooks